The Legend of Zelda link to the past walkthrough.

The legend of Zelda link to the past walkthrough, an action-adventure video game that has remained my all-time favorite game!

When considering the main objectives, the legend of Zelda breath of the wild, it’s about 50 hours in length. If you’re a gamer that loves to see all the aspects of the game, you’re likely to spend around 189 hours to obtain 100% completion.

To complete the Legend of Zelda game, an action-adventure game like  Tomb Raider,  you’ve to go through all the tasks listed below:

(I) Rescuing Princess Zelda

(II) Kakariko village and west woods

(III) Eastern palace

(IV) Pendant of power

(V) Getting the ice rod and flippers

(VI) Pendant of wisdom

(VII) Hyrule Castle 2

(VIII) Bottle under the Bridge

(IX) Palace of darkness

(X) Swamp palace

(XI) Collecting palace

(XII) Skill woods

(XIII) Gargoyle’s domain

(XIV) Red sword

(XV) Half magic

(XVI) Bimbos, Ester, and Quake medallion.

(XVII) Ice palace

(XVIII) Misery mine

(XIX) Turtle rock

(XX) Ganon’s tower

(XXI) Showdown with Ganon.

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The story of the legend of Zelda a link to the past walkthrough begins one stormy night in the kingdom of Hyrule.

Princess Zelda talked to Link in a dream, praying that Link will rescue her in the castle basement.

Still, in sleep, Link wakes up to find his uncle leaving and he tells Link to return to bed. Not minding the order his uncle pass across to him, with sword and shield in his hands, Link rushed towards the castle.

Following your uncle’s departure, you must defy his orders and strive to save Zelda.

How long to beat Legend of Zelda link to a past breath of the wild?

The Lamp Sword.

To get the Lamp, open the chest in the corner (press A in front of it). (You have two more chances to get it if you don’t get it now.) The bulb automatically illuminates gloomy areas. When you have gained enough magic, you can use the lamp to ignite torches.

The Legend of Zelda a link to the past walkthrough.

Take a walk outside. With A, you can pick up bushes. Some of them may have rupees with which you can make purchases later.

Exit to the north after walking north from your house and off the back ledge. Continue west until you come to a bridge on the north side. Up the bridge to the north till you can turn east.

Follow the route until you come to a bush surrounded by a stone fence. It has a hole in it, which you can see by lifting it. Indulge yourself.


The legend of Zelda is a link to the past walkthrough

Go west and speak with your uncle from where you land. A sword and shield will be given to you. By hitting B and then releasing it, you can swing the sword and charge up a spin strike.

If you didn’t get the Lamp in your house, the chest will hold the Lamp. Lift the pots if you want to receive a few miniature magic jars. You can use the Lamp now that your magic gauge is partially full by pressing Y, however, this will drain your magic gauge by a little amount.

Go west once more, then south up the stairs and through the top door.

Courtyard of Hyrule Castle.

The legend of Zelda is a link to the past walkthrough
Courtyard of Hyrule castle

Let’s summarise this task:

Three green soldiers, one wielding a large sword, stand in the next small passageway. Pass through the northwest door once you’ve gotten past them. Go to the lower level and pass the soldier, then return to the upper level. Open the chest here to acquire the dungeon map.

After rescuing Zelda from her cell, you must escape from Hyrule Castle. To get the Boomerang, kill the blue soldier and get a key, then open the chest. Hearts can be found in pots in the open jail cell, but only take them if you need them.

Reach the First Floor

In the dungeon room with two green soldiers, go south and up the stairs to the upper area. Go east, then north up the narrow stone walkway, then go east to the next area.

Follow the path to the next screen and jump off the ledge. Go north up the stairs and through the door. Go north up the stairs and you will reach the first floor.

Find the Secret Passageway

Go east to the next room, then go north up the stairs, walk south along the upper path, then jump down to the lower area and go through the south door.

Go south and follow the carpeted path to reach the first room of the castle. Zelda will tell you to go to the throne room to find a passage leading to the Sanctuary. Go north up the nearby stairs and find the door in the north wall. Go through it.

Quickly go north up the stairs to avoid a fight with the blue soldiers, and continue north until you reach the thrones. There is an ornamental shelf behind the thrones. Zelda asks if you have a Lamp, then says to push the shelf from the left.

Walk-behind the thrones and go to the left side of the ornamental shelf, and push it to the right. Go through the door behind it.

The Village Elder

The legend of Zelda is a link to the past walkthrough

Zelda and the priest tell you to meet with the village elder to find out what to do next.

Get a Heart Container

After you arrive in the Sanctuary and have listened to what Zelda and the priest have to say, open the chest above the priest to get a heart container.

Kakariko Village

The legend of Zelda is a link to the past walkthrough

Go west until you see a cave entrance, with a stone-bordered hole west of it. Fall off of the ledge above the hole so that you fall in. Open the chests and pick up the pots to get three bombs and 70 rupees. This area of the wall will create a distinct sound from other walls if you hold the sword button and tap it.

To the left, there appears to be a section of the wall with a few loose stones. This area of the wall will create a distinct sound from other walls if you hold the sword button and tap it.

If you run out of bombs, go west and enter the small building near the boy and the chickens, and buy some bombs there.

The quickest route is to cut north through the five bushes, then turn left and cut through the three bushes there, then turn left to a sign and walk south till you jump off the ledge, then go talk to the kid in front of the Piece of Heart.

Go back outside. If you run out of bombs, go west and enter the small building near the boy and the chickens, and buy some bombs there.

Go to the southeast part of the village, and go south through the wooden archway to reach the next area.

Go into the southwest building in this area and bomb the discolored wall on the left. Go through, then go south to go outside.

When you approach the woman, she informs you that if you complete the maze in 15 seconds, you will be awarded a gift. Whether you want to or not, approaching her will start the race, so be cautious.

The quickest route is to cut north through the five bushes, then turn left and cut through the three bushes there. Walk south till you jump off the ledge, then go talk to the kid in front of the Piece of Heart.

Return to Kakariko Village by heading northeast, then north until you come across a woman pacing outside her house. When her back is turned, sneak into her house and grab the artwork. In the Lost Woods, gather items

Continue north through the woods until you reach a stump surrounded by shrubs. Keep your distance from the stump. Instead, cut a hole in the central bush.

You’ll discover another Piece of Heart if you fall in. Fall from the ledge and enter the west door, then turn south and enter the door to return to the woods. Take the mushroom in the northwest.

Go to the Elder’s Hideout.
To get out of the woods, turn southeast. From there, travel east, past the Sanctuary and the Graveyard. If you can’t get much further east, go south and then east over the bridge. From there, travel south.

Go south from the Octoroks’ region, then east from the stone sculptures’ area. Then head north. Continue north, passing through the two stone archways and up the stairwell. Go northeast, then north, then jump north off the ledge and into the cave.

A modest structure Sahasrahla is a good person to talk to. He’ll tell you to go to the palace in the east, which he’ll indicate on your map.

If you have any bombs, you can bomb the cracked wall behind Sahasrahla, although you’ll be able to break it without them soon.

Eastern palace

The legend of Zelda a link to the past walkthrough

The Eastern Palace should be visited.
Go north and up the stairs after leaving Sahasrahla’s hut.

As you approach the arms statue from the east, it will spring to life and begin bouncing towards you. Go east along the stone path, disregarding the steps to the north. Another arms statue will be reached.

Go east, then south after killing it. Jump down from the right-hand gap.

Then head north up the steps to the arms statue. Go east and slay the army’s statue there before ascending the stairwell. Go up the next set of stairs after killing the blue soldier. Then enter the Eastern Palace by going straight up.

Eastern Palace is located in the eastern part of the country
To find the first pendant, you journey to the Eastern Palace.

Go into the Palace.
Lift the pot to reveal a switch in the direction of the north. Open the door by stepping on it. Examine everything.

Step on the switch and kill all the jelly-like foes (you can just barely see its outline near the middle of the bridge). Make your way through the entrance.

From the ledge, jump down. Avoid the balls that are rolling toward you from the north as you head north.

When the trail splits, stay to the left. Just beyond one of the pots, walk through the open door. Turn left and continue along the route to uncover treasure and rupee-filled pots.

Lift the pot in the center of the room, but do not toss it. When the stalfos come, toss the pot at the one on your left, then travel around the chamber and kill the remaining stalfos with the remaining pots or your sword if you choose. The north door will open once they have left. Go ahead and do it.

To get the compass, open the chest. The dungeon map will appear if you press X. You can use the compass to see where the dungeon boss is. Go down the stairs and through the portal from the chest where you obtained the compass.

Check on the tile that is sticking out of the wall if you want to talk to Sahasrahla for advice. Then go through the east door.

Avoid the sleeping creature to the north. Go south, then up the stairs and through the south door. Quickly go to the right to avoid the bubbles that are spinning around the room, kill the jelly-like creature and step on the switch, then go through the door that opened.

Be careful of the stalfos walking around in this dark room. Go to the upper-right corner and pick up the pot there to get a key. Go west and through the door, then quickly

Avoid the bubbles and pick up the pot that they were guarding. Step on the switch beneath it to reveal a chest. Open it to get the Big Key. Then go through the north door.

Go down the stairs and push the upper block upward, then go north, then east, and through the door.

Go east and open the big chest. You will get the bow. Four stalfos will fall from above and their heads will float around.

However, if you hit their bodies before their heads start floating, you can prevent their heads from flying around.

If you don’t have any arrows, or just want more, pick up the pots in the room where you got the bow.

Go north from the big chest and go up the stairs, but don’t go through the door yet. Instead, jump down from a ledge into one of the pots, and you will end up in a small room with two fairies.

If you got the bug-catching net and one or more empty bottles, you can catch the fairies to keep them in your bottles. If you die, a bottled fairy will revive you and disappear.

Step on one of the glowing tiles to warp back to the previous room, then go north up the stairs and go through the door.

Approach the jellies without getting too close to the two eyesores. Kill the jellies, then get your bow and arrows ready.

Go northeast and pick up the pot in the northwest corner, then throw it and go through the northeast door.

Pick up the rupees while avoiding the bubbles, to get a total of 90 rupees. Go through the door that you opened and avoid the bubbles to get to the next room.

There appear to be four switches on the floor, but only the top left one is real. Kill the one on the top first, then the middle one, and the bottom one. Go through the door that opened, and avoid waking up the eyesores. Redeyesoress can’t be hurt by throwing pots at them, so kill it with an arrow.

Armos Knights

The legend of Zelda is a link to the past walkthrough

Six large statues come to life and bounce around, much like the arms statues that you encountered on the way to this palace.

Atay in the bottom right corner to avoid them when they bounce in a circle, and aim the bow and arrow north to hit them as they spin around.

If you get the Pendant of Courage, you will be sent to the palace entrance of Sahasrahla’s palace. Kill five enemies that go in a wide circle, then a small circle and then line up along the top wall. The final one will jump over you and try to jump down onto you, so shoot it with arrows until it dies.

Talk to Sahasrahla

The legend of Zelda is a link to the past walkthrough


Go West past the arms statue outside of the palace and drop down from the ledge. Go west onto the ledge with stone tiles, and go south, then go west down the next ledge. Continue going west, and fall into the pit to reach Sahasrahla’s hut. Go inside and talk to him.

After telling you about the past, Sahasrahla gives you the Pegasus Boots. Hold down the A button for a few seconds, and you will dash forward in whichever direction you are facing.

You will continue to dash in that direction until you either turn to face a different direction or press a button besides A.

Sahasrahla marks the locations of the remaining pendants, as well as Master Sword, on your map.

Some cracked walls can be broken by dashing into them with the Pegasus Boots. Pick up the pots in Sahasrahla’s hut and dash into the cracked wall there. Go through, then open the chests to get 3 bombs and 100 rupees. Leave Sahasrahla’s hut.

Go to Kakariko Village.

Your next destination is Kakariko Village, to the west. Outside of the hut, go up the stairs, then go counterclockwise until you can go south.

Keep going south until you reach the next screen, where you will see some trees.

You can use the Pegasus Boots to dash into trees. This can make a fairy appear, or make apples fall off of apple trees, but you might instead make a bomb fall out (stay away from it to avoid the explosion), or be attacked by a swarm of bees.

You can catch the bees with the bug-catching net, and release them to attack your enemies. Or you can just swing your sword to get rid of them or run away.

Go west from the trees, then go south across the bridge. Go west past Link’s house, and when you can’t go farther west, go south. From there, go west until you can’t go farther west, then go north. Follow the path and you will reach Kakariko Village.

Visit the Library

The legend of Zelda is a link to the past walkthroughFrom where you entered the village, go west past the ladder, then northwest along the slope between the two ledges.

To the northwest, go up the ladder and enter the library. Use the Pegasus Boots to dash into the bookshelf that has a book on top.

Go to the book to pick it up. You get the Book of Mudora. If you stand in front of something that has the ancient Hylian language on it and press Y, you will be able to read it.

Go to the Next Pendant

Exit the library and go southeast to leave the village. Follow the path from the village until you can go east. When you can’t go any farther east, go north, then go east until you are on the screen with Link’s house. Go south from Link’s house to enter the swamp.

In the swamp, go west to the next screen, then go south to the next screen. Go south to the small building, and go inside.

To open the chest, push the left and right blocks up, and the middle block to the side. The chest contains three bombs.

Go back outside, then go back in. This time, push the middle block up, and either the left or right block to the side to get past the barrier and go through the door above.

In here, watch out for the bubble that bounces around the room, and pull the far right switch to open the floodgate.

Then go outside and take the Piece of Heart from the drained pond. You can optionally pick up one of the fish and take it north to where there is water, and throw it into the water, for a chance to get some rupees.

Go south again to the building where you opened the floodgate. If you cut the grass beneath the jumping rabbit, it will get stuck and you can talk to it to get a reward, such as a heart or a fairy.

Go west to the next area and follow the path. The path has a cave to the northwest with a fairy fountain inside.

After you reach the desert, dash to the west until you see a ledge to the south with two black rocks on it. Go north from there.

You will reach a platform with three statues on it. If you check on the pillar in the middle, you read a strange language.

Use the Book of Mudora to translate it. Press a button to make your wish, then the statues will rotate and you can go north into the Desert Palace.

Desert Palace

The legend of Zelda is a link to the past walkthroughYou go to the Desert Palace in search of the second pendant.

Get the Map

In this dungeon, Leevers will come out of the sand and attack. Keep an eye on the ground and move out of the way if you see the sand moving beneath you.

Go north and you will see a Beamos with its eye rotating. Keep moving to avoid the laser beam that it shoots out of its eye if you cross its path. You can also try to hide behind pillars and other obstacles to block the laser beam, but some objects, such as pots, are too short and will not block the beam.

To the left of the Beamos, there are some pots. Pick one up and go past where it was, then go north to the next screen.

Stand near, but not on, the quicksand. A monster will surface in the middle of the quicksand and will spit energy orbs at you. Use your sword on the monster to kill it. Then go north through the door.

There are Leevers in this room, as well as two Cyclops. There is a pot between the Cyclops that you need to lift, so kill one (or both) of the Cyclops, then lift the pot, and step on the switch that is revealed.

This makes a chest appear. Open it to get the Map. Then use the southwest door to exit this room.

Get a Key

Go west to the next screen, then go north through the door. Avoid the Beamos, and dash into the lamp with the key on top.

Take the key. You can optionally talk to Sahasrahla using the tile on the wall. Then exit this room.

Get the Compass

Go east until you can’t go farther east, then go south and unlock the locked door with your key, and go through.

You can hide behind the statues in this room to avoid the beam from the Beamos. Open the chest to get the Compass. Then kill all of the jelly enemies to open the north door.

Get the Dungeon Treasure

Go north, but be careful to avoid the black blobs that come out of the things on the walls. At the north end of the room, open the chest to get the Big Key. Then leave the room the way that you came in.

Go west to exit the room with the Beamos and the six statues. Then go southwest and kill the quicksand monster, and go west from there to the first room of the dungeon. Pick up one of the pots to the west, and go west past the Beamos.

Pick up one of the pots to the left of the Beamos, and go north to the next screen. Kill the quicksand monster, then go west to the next screen. Then go through the west door.

Pick up the pot that is diagonally northwest of the Beamos statue. You will reveal a switch. Step on it to open the door. Go through.

Open the chest to get the Power Glove, which allows you to pick up small or large white stones in the ground. You won’t be able to pick up black stones, however. Leave this room the way that you came in, step on the switch again, and go through the east door.

Get a Piece of Heart

Go south until you can’t go any farther south, then go west through the door. The room to the north has a fairy fountain.

If you want to go there, go to the block on the left side of the room, and push the block that is second from the right

The north door will open. When you are done, go south until you are outside.

Once outside, go south and you will find a Piece of Heart.

Get a Second Key

Go north, then when you reach the wall, go east to where there is some grass. Pick up a rock and go through the door.

To open the door to the next room, in the group of blocks on the right, push the bottommost block.

Floor tiles will float up and fly toward you. You can avoid them by staying in the doorway, or just trying to dodge them or hit them with your sword. Pick up the bottom left pot to find a key. Go north to use the key on the locked door and go through.

Get a Third Key

Go south to the next room, then avoid the Beamos and kill the jellies to open the doors. Go east to the next room.

Go east while avoiding the Beamos, then go north and pick up the second pot from the right to find the key. Go north through the locked door.

There are more flying floor tiles in this room, so dodge them or break them with your sword (or just hide from them in the doorway). Pick up the upper-right pot to find the key, then go north through the locked door.

Go to the Boss Room

Shoot the Red Cyclops in the eye twice to kill it, then use your lantern to light the four torches. If you need magic or arrows, pick up the pots. When the four torches are lit, the wall will slide back, revealing the door to the boss room. Go through.


Three worm-like creatures will come out of the ground and fly around the room. The sand will shake where the worms are about to come out, and four small rocks will shoot out diagonally from the sand when a worm comes out, so avoid standing diagonally to the shaking sand.

Hit the Lanmolas heads to damage them. After you kill two of them, the final one will shoot rocks in all directions from the sand, not just diagonally, so you may want to keep your distance to make it easier to dodge the rocks, then try to hit the Lanmola while it floats across the room.

Get the Pendant of Power

After you kill all three Lanmolas, take the Heart Container, then take the Pendant of Power. There is only one pendant left, but there are many items that you can collect before you continue to the third dungeon.

Collection Before the Next Pendant

After you get the Pendant from the Desert Palace, you can collect several treasures before you proceed to the third palace.

Get a Piece of Heart

Go east and fall off of the ledge. Then go southeast to find a cave entrance. Go inside. Follow the path through the cave until you find an old man. Use a bomb in the middle of the south wall to open it. Go through and open the chest to get a Piece of the Heart. Then go back outside.

Get Rupees

Go south as far as you can go, then go east to exit the desert. Go to the two large white stones in the middle of the area and pick up the southernmost one.

Go down the stairs there. Pick up the pots to get rupees. You can then exit and reenter this cave and pick up the pots to find more rupees. It helps to have at least 500 rupees, so you can keep going into and out of this cave until you have that much. If you feel like it, you can keep doing this until your wallet is full.

Get the Magic Powder

Outside of the cave, go east to exit the desert, then go north in the swamp, then east, then north to Link’s house. Go east from there, then go east so you can cross the bridge, and go north to the next area.

Keep going north, and ignore the bridge as you continue north. Then go east and you will find the Witch’s Hut.

Avoid the green monster (buzz blob) by the way, if you hit it with your sword you get electrocuted. You have to stun it with your boomerang before you can hit it with your sword.

Equip the magic mushroom (if you didn’t get the magic mushroom, it’s in the Lost Woods, see the Village Elder section) and use it on the witch, who will take it and tell you to come back later.

Exit the screen to the left, then come back and go into the witch’s hut. Next to the potion salesman should be a bag, get it! It’s the magic powder, and I find the best use for it is to sprinkle it on bubbles, which turns them into fairies.

You’ll also need it for an upgrade later. (By the way, it also turns buzz blobs into cukemen, who give advice [though will still electrocute you].)

Go back outside, and go east of the witch’s hut. There’s a large white stone here, pick it up and go north and exit to the next screen.

Dash into the top pile of rocks below to get rid of it, then go east and up, beyond the green monsters, to the next screen.

Jump down from the ledge here and avoid the crabs or kill them (they take two hearts away if they hit you) and exit north along the shallow water.

Now you’re in Zora’s Domain, and there are zoras everywhere. If a zero whirlpool appears in shallow water, the thing will jump out of the water and start walking slowly towards you.

If you hit the walking Zora, you stun it, and you can pick it up and throw it. Feel free to just throw it back in the water if you don’t want to deal with it. Funnily, if you hit the Zora as it’s jumping out of the water, it will go flying through the air in the direction you hit it!

Anyway, continue north along the shallow water. When the path turns east, go east, then when you see the shallow water going downward, go down it.

Continue as far down as the shallows go until they head east, and follow the path until you reach a large waterfall. A huge Zora appears, this is King Zora. He’ll sell you the Flippers for 500 rupees. That’s a lot of cash, but you need them, so buy them!

Once you have them, go all the way down and swim down the waterfall. Follow the shallows (don’t drop down these waterfalls) and you reach some land.

At the far end is a piece of heart. This should be the fourth, giving you another heart container! Now go back to the waterfalls and fall one of them, then head west and finally south to exit Zora’s Domain.

Before leaving this area, swim into the center of the waterfall to the left. Inside is the Mysterious Pond. Go up to it and it asks you to throw something in.

Throw in your boomerang. A fairy will appear, asking if you threw the boomerang. Say yes and she’ll give you the magical boomerang in return! Don’t leave just yet, you want to throw your shield in there too.

The upgraded shield you get will stop fireballs like the ones the zeros spit out (but not beams). It will even block fireballs when you’re in the water! Note also that if you have an empty bottle, you can throw it in and she fills it with a green potion for free! Now you can leave.

Swim into the water to the southwest. There’s a permanent whirlpool there, if you swim into it, it takes you to Lake Hylia, so swim into it!

When you get to the lake, swim north onto the little dock to get onto the island. In the cave here is the Pond of Happiness.

If you throw in a bunch of rupees, a fairy will eventually show up and will upgrade your bombs or arrows (your choice) allowing you to carry more. She shows up each time you throw in 100 rupees.

The maximum amount of bombs you can carry is 50, and the maximum of arrows is 70. After you reach the limit, the fairy will just give your rupees back to you if you try to upgrade. It’s worthwhile to upgrade your bombs and arrows, you’ll want to be able to carry a lot (especially arrows).

To upgrade to the maximum you’ll need 1,400 rupees. Remember that you can get infinite rupees from the room near the desert.

Note also that the wall to the right of the pond is cracked. Bomb it if you want some fairies.

After you’re done upgrading bombs and arrows to however many you want to carry, for now, leave the cave and swim north, exiting the screen to the north while still in the water.

Follow the path until you can swim under the bridge. Under there you find a guy asleep. Talk to him and he gives you a free bottle! Now swim back to Lake Hylia.

Once you get to the screen with the Pond of Happiness cave, exit southeast in the water. Get out of the water on the dock here and head north.

Take the eastern path north and you reach a cave opening, a bombable wall, and a large stone. The stone has stairs under it, but all that’s there are 20 rupees and a guy who says nothing important.

Rather than go through the cave opening, the first bomb the wall and go in.

This icy cave leads to a chest containing the Ice Rod! This magical weapon shoots an icy beam that will freeze enemies in contact. This is the treasure at Lake Hylia that Sahasrahla was referring to.

Go back outside. If you go into the open cave and bomb your way to the next room, you get to a fairy fountain with a statue in the middle. If you dash at the statue, the magical bee will come out.

The magical bee is a special bee that, if you catch it and put it in a bottle, will attack and kill all enemies on the screen when you let it out. I don’t think it’s that helpful, but you can catch it if you want. Otherwise, you can catch a fairy for your new bottle.

Go back outside. Get in the water and swim along the left fork and down to the next screen. Go down the waterfall and swim into the whirlpool here to get to a small pond near the Sanctuary.

Get out of the pond, then go up behind the tree and near the rock wall. Head east to end up on a hill where there is a pile of rocks. Dash at the rocks to break them, then go down the stairs for a piece of heart.

The Tower of Ganon

The legend of Zelda a link to the past walkthrough

Go to Ganon’s Tower, which is just a few screens west of Turtle Rock, once all 7 maidens have been liberated. The maidens will use their magic to break the tower’s seal. It’s a long dungeon where you must first locate the large key in the basement levels before beginning to climb the tower.

Make sure you don’t forget about the red mail in the basement, which offers much more security than the blue mail!

Agahnim, the evil wizard, is the dungeon’s boss. A dark bat will arrive when you defeat the wizard and fly away to the Pyramid of Power. 

Battle with Ganon (Link Vs Ganon).

The Legend of Zelda a link to the past walkthrough.

You can fight Ganon right away, but even with Master Sword, you won’t be able to beat him, so head to the bomb shop, which is near Link’s house but in the dark world.

For 100 rupees, purchase the large bomb and transport it to the Pyramid of Power. Around here, there’s a cracked wall that a typical bomb can’t shatter. Instead, you should detonate the massive bomb.

Toss your bow into the water’s edge. Your bow will be improved by the fairy, who will provide you with silver arrows. You can get the golden sword by doing the same thing with your red sword.

After that, enter the Pyramid of Power and defeat Ganon with your silver arrows.

To defeat him in his last state To obtain the Triforce, take the last steps north. Ganon will once again be imprisoned, and the dark world will be wiped out.

Guess what!

Thumbs up! You’ve finished The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past walkthrough

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