The best formation in eFootball mobile 2022.


Do you want to play soccer game?  You  need to learn and understand the best formation in eFootball mobile 2022. Enjoy the varieties below!

You should have a clear understanding of how you want your team configured before entering the game.

Planning your formations and strategies or investigating the wonderkids who will carry your team for the foreseen future may be involved in this. Keep reading to find out how to organize your team most effectively.

eFootball is an online game, now that you can play this game with your friends on Facebook.

eFootball brings you the most fun and enjoyment of playing football ever, with some extra features that will make the game more realistic and entertaining to play.

eFootball 2022 combines the best of real-life and virtual elements with realistic 3D graphics to enhance the football gameplay.

eFootball 2022 has improved graphics compared to its predecessors; eFootball 2021, eFootball 2020, and PES 2019.

In this game, you can enjoy the world’s most popular sport, with many features that make it so different from other football video games. Before you get to know the formation lineouts, you need to know the beautiful features that the latest eFootball has.

eFootball 22 Features

The latest version of the eFootball 22 game includes many new features such as:

– It has more than 30 playable national teams including Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and France.

– New stadiums with detailed stadium models, including Stade de France and Allianz Arena.

– New football boots with improved graphics.

– New animations for player run lights;

– Improved lighting effects of stadium lights.

– New crowd sounds with more realistic cheering sound for each country’s supporters.

Which eFootball 22 mobile formation is best?


best formation in eFootball mobile
Gameplay shot from gamelyfree YouTube channel.


When choosing the best formation in eFootball mobile, I think I should repeat what Career gamers said in order to give you an answer to the above question.

But when I first started playing eFootball, I had a hard time deciding on a formation. I just did not know what the best formation in eFootball was.

Thinking that I couldn’t be the only new player with this problem, I decided to conduct a few experiments to find eFootball’s best formation. This is what I found:

The best formation in eFootball is the 433 formation combined with the counterattacking strategy. The 433 formation offers attack and defence flexibility. It also provides a solid defensive base and lots of attacking options.

The above quotes indicates that he’s a lover of 4-3-3 formation of eFootball mobile. That’s awesome!

Many soccer enthusiastics have different choices of game formation, I’m  a lover of soccer particularly eFootball, I have my best formation as well. We’ll talk about that below. Keep reading!

Which formation is best for long tail counter?


gameplay shot from gamelyfree

Like I said earlier that, most soccer lovers have the different formation in mind. Take me as an example, I love the formation 4-4-2 very much. That explained the reason I made a YouTube video to that effect.

You can hook us up at our channel:


What is 4-4-2?



In eFootball, the 4-4-2 configuration consists of three separate lines. Two centre-backs and two full-backs make up the four-defender back line.

A four-player midfield unit is in front of them, with two players in the center and one on each side. Two center-forwards who can both score goals and add height to the assault make up the front line of the two players.

Brazil won their first World Cup in 1958 playing the 4-2-4 formation. The formation featured two high and wide wingers attacking alongside, and sometimes even ahead of, the front two.

Twelve years later, a team then coached by Mário Zagallo – a member of the 1958 side – played a variation of the 4-2-4 when captivating the world to win the 1970 tournament. The Brazilian national team won their first World Cup in 1958 playing the 4-4-2 formation.

List of football formation that might interest you.

 4-3-2-1.              5-1-2-2

 4-2-2-2.               3-2-4-1

 3-1-3-3.               4-2-1-3

 4-1-3-2.               4-3-3

 3-5-2.                   3-2-2-3


There are formations to consider in twos, which is better among the combination below?

4231 Vs 352

4231 Vs 442

442 Vs 4231.


What is the best formation for possession eFootball 2022?

gameplay shot from gamelyfree
Source: Konami Digital Entertainment.

I’ll always mention 3 best formations whenever we are talking about best formation in eFootball mobile.

Let’s go:

(1)  4-4-2: The typical 4-4-2 configuration has been a mainstay of the English competitions for many years; players are accustomed to it from youth soccer to the highest divisions. The 4-4-2 configuration is still useful for a number of reasons, despite being a little obsolete.

(2) The 4-3-3: This formation is preferred by teams with a high level of technical skill, offers many advantages when it comes to maintaining possession of the ball. Thanks to the three attacking players, the 4-3-3 is particularly great for regaining control high up the field.

(3) The 4-2-3-1 shape is one of the most effective strategies and has been utilized frequently by some of the most innovative teams in recent years.

An advantage of this formation is the concentration of players in the middle of the field, which enables teams to control the ball and generate a lot more opportunities than their opponents.


Which Manager is best in eFootball 2022?


best formation in eFootball mobile

The best Managers when considering best formation in eFootball mobile are awesome coaches that you can under-estimate. Their names, rank, and the type of games they play are are listed above in the image.


What is the best formation in eFootball 2023?

eFootball 2023 is the latest soccer game from the stable of Konami. It houses many lovely new features, like best formation in eFootball mobile.

Formation 4-4-2 is the best formation for new eFootball 2023, it has possession, out wide, long ball, long ball counter, and more.

That’s the reason I cherish this formation to all others!

I’m very sure  when you visit this place for more eFootball formation, you’ll agree with me.



Although there isn’t a perfect structure, a good manager or coach may use the personnel at their disposal to design a system that works well. The above strategies do enable a team to have the ball more than the opponent since possession is everything; without the ball, a team cannot function.

Making the most of that possession is the key; passing the ball back and forth in your own half quickly becomes tedious; instead, your team must be able to bring the ball into danger and present challenges for the opposition.


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