Pokemon educational games for your delight.

Pokemon educational games online is a web based learning series that uses the main characters from the Pokemon anime to teach kids.

Pokemon educational games are online mobile games that provides structure and process for children to engage in problem- solving strategies to attain a set goal.

Pokemon can teach your child even adults important life lessons, take the instance of printables Pokemon puzzles, Pokemon riddles, Pokemon math games, Pokemon math wordsheets, all these and more that I’ll be mentioning in this article, are all Pokemon learning games.

It’s true that, excess of every good thing can spoil the good in it, but Pokemon won’t give you or your child any excess, rather lots of creativity and independency to be able to solve problems and skill development.

I’ll talking on some pokemon eduactional games with you, let’s hit it:

The Pokemon hit is real.  Since kids (and adults!) are all excited about Pokemon again I though I would gather together some Pokemon learning activities for you to use.

Check out all the options for including Pokemon into math, language, writing, art, nature, history and more.

These educational activities are tops and kids who love the characters are going to rush and  try them.

Kids calculate math problems, find the answer, and color in the chart to reveal Pokemon characters.

Usage of addition and subtraction problems as well as simple multiplication and division.

Math Game

Pokemon educational games

Try this free printable Pokemon math game!  You start at the stadium, fill in coordinates and solve math problems to win. The board includes some neat characters like Charizard and Squirtle.


Math Wordsheets

Win the Pokemon math worksheets by finding the missing numbers in the math worksheet. This attractive Pokemon printable activity is in full color.


Multiplication Game.

Pokemon educational games

Here is a very Pokemon way to learn multiplication. This game is fun and involves kids in learning while playing (you know I love that!) I like that it is a bit complex and includes elements, multiplication problems and as a bonus, a battle with Pikachu at the end.


Pokemon Word Search

Pokemon educational games

I found a bunch of Pokemon word searches for you in a variety of difficulty levels. I always think they are enjoyable and kids learn spelling while doing them which is a bonus!

There are some Pokemon word search printables. The Word Search in order by pictures first and second.


Pokemon Alphabet Activity

Pokemon educational games

In this Pokemon Alphabet Matching game you grab a Pokeball and catch a character by matching upper and lower case letters. Easy and fun for kids who are learning their letters. This is a fun printable Pokemon act.


Pokemon Art Activities


Pokemon educational games


How to Draw Pokemon

Get them drawing! So many kids just love to draw characters they are familiar with. Going with the How To Draw Pokemon books is a sure win.

Using drawing books like this one is great for learning about how things are drawn.

They include instructions as well as tips for getting your drawings just right. Unlike some drawing books that are way too hard, this one is just right.
3d Paper Pokemon

 This might just be my favorite of our list of Pokemon learning activities. Believe me when I say there is a whole lot of learning going on when doing this project.

Create your own 3D paper sculpture of different Pokemon characters.

Here is  Pikachu!  There is s a whole website full of these – they are called PaperPokes. They do require small scissor work and a lot of patience.

Many kids just love to draw characters they are familiar with. Going with the How To Draw Pokemon books is a sure win.

Using drawing books like this one is great for learning about how things are drawn.

They include instructions as well as tips for getting your drawings just right. Unlike some drawing books that are way too hard, this one is just right.
3d Paper Pokemon.


What is Pokemon  most popular games?


In Pokemon educational games, Pokemon Go is the most successful Pokemon game of all time in terms of player count.

Pokemon Go is a 2016 online augmented reality mobile game, that enables you to catch Pokemon in a real world using a map and your phone’s GPS.

The game is the best because, it combines some innovative and technologically advanced features, particularly the reality and geographical aspects.

How to play our Online Matching games for kids?

Just click on “START” to start the game. You can increase the number of cards, and thus the level of difficulty, thanks to the buttons located below the game.

If you think that the game is too fast or too slow, you can adjust the speed using the “QUICK”, “STANDARD”, “SLOW” or “VERY SLOW” buttons. With the “VERY SLOW” speed, you will have more time to memorize the cards.

For this online matching game, 3 game modes are at your disposal:

Single player mode (SOLO): You can play quietly, at your own pace, until you’ve found all the pairs.

2 players mode with a friend sitting next to you (WITH A FRIEND): It’s the perfect opportunity to share a good time and have fun with a friend, brother or sister.

2 players mode against the computer (AGAINST COMPUTER): In order to win, you will have to find more pairs than the computer. If you find it too hard, you can set the difficulty level to “EASY”.

In the top right-hand corner of the game, a black button allows you to turn the game sound on (Unmute) or off (Mute).

This game is compatible with all devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones, IOS or Android. The content and the game adjust automatically to your device, so don’t hesitate to play on a tablet or a smartphone.

The purpose of this memory game:

The purpose of this memory game is to memorize the locations of the cards in the game and to make pairs of cards by turning them over 2 by 2.

When the 2 cards match, it’s a pair! You win the pair and have the right to play again, otherwise the cards are automatically turned face down and you have to make a new try.


 What is the three Pokemon games?


When I’m talking in Pokemon educational games, it will be incomplete not to mention the three types of Pokemon games.

They are namely: (1) Ruby (2) Sapphire, -you can get the game here, and (3) Emerald.

Students and adults as well, tend to learn quickly using the Pokemon challenge ideas, Pokemon cool math games, Pokemon writing prompt techniques, and lots more!

Would love to read the short story of Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald?

The story follows the player as they defeat Team’s Aqua and Team Magma’s crime groups who want to use Pokemon to change the weather in Hoenn.

In Ruby, team Magma want to use the legendary Pokemon Grounding to dry up the oceans of land. In Sapphire, the team Aqua are the villians and they try to Kyogre, to increase the Hoenn’s water levels.

The player first meets the Team in the Petalburg Woods, where he or she rescues a worker from Devon and recovers a package.

Shortly after, they try to change the region’s weather by stealing a Castform, a Pokémon that can change the weather, from the Weather Institute.

When the player beats or catches the Pokémon, Hoenn’s weather returns to normal. After the player reaches Mt. Pyre, a large mountain and Pokémon cemetery, Aqua/Magma steal an orb that can control a legendary Pokémon (Groudon in Ruby, Kyogre in Sapphire).

They find Cozmo in Meteor Falls, but they escape to Mt. Chimney, a volcano, with a meteorite.

I hope you enjoyed this article? Let’s hear you feel in the comment section below.




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