How to unlock characters in Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is a Japanese media warrant centered on a series of fighting video games developed by Bandai Namco Studios.

Literally, Tekken 7 was the first virtual fighting game to sell over a million copies, simply because it was the very first 3D game!

Dead or Alive and Mortal Kombat are also one 3D fighting video games but Tekken 7 is the oldest.

Of cause, it will raise a lot of popularity for that reason.

Let’s go back to the question you asked which is, how to unlock characters in Tekken 7?

Players can unlock characters in Tekken 7 through paid DLC, TRANSFORMATION, and PALETTE swaps.

Sadly, you can’t unlock characters by beating the game’s story mode. Buying DLC is the only real way to unlock characters in Tekken 7.

How to unlock characters in Tekken 7

How to unlock characters in Tekken

The Story behind Tekken 7:

Jin Kazama planned to awaken Azazel, a monster that feeds on people’s negative emotions, to defeat it and save the world.

As a result, the Mishima Zaibatsu started the war. Jin fights the awakening monster in a lethal encounter after Lars Alexandersson, a former Tekken Force member, had defeated him nearby the temple where Azazel was sleeping.

Heihachi Mishima vows to reign over the Mishima Zaibatsu once more after learning that Jin disappeared following a significant explosion brought on by his battle with the beast.

Heihachi makes the seventh Iron Fist Tournament announcement as soon as he regains command of his financial organization.

In the meantime, Akuma, the lord of the fists, is determined to track down Heihachi and Kazuya to repay a life debt he owed to Kazumi Mishima, who passed away many years ago.

After introducing himself and outlining his motivations, Akuma appears to beat Heihachi to death before leaving to kill Kazuya at the G Corporation headquarters.

But Heihachi managed to escape the attack, and after realizing that Kazuya must likely take on the form of the Devil to beat that formidable foe.

Heihachi chooses to reveal to the world his own son’s actual identity to reverse the situation and win over the public’s faith.

Then, to eliminate both Kazuya and Akuma, he chooses to detonate the entire structure.

Kazuya survives and arranges a meeting with his father to put a stop to their ongoing argument now that the world is entirely in chaos.

After a fierce struggle, Kazuya finally succeeds in punching Heihachi to death and dropping him into a lava river. Jin ultimately makes a full recovery and swears to stop Kazuya once and for all.

What Does Tekken 7 ultimate edition include?

Tekken 7 ultimate edition includes the following:

– full list of the game

– All additional content eligible for season passes 1 and 2

– The playable characters Eliza,

– the Taiko No Tatsujin pack,

– The Artist Collaboration character panel set.

The Tekken 7 character roster is filled up with 36 characters you’ll love.

Coming your way soonest are:

Mortal Kombat II characters, Skullgirls characters, King of Fighters characters, Tekken characters, and Flower of madness.

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