How do you play Framed wtf on Android?


A new game has emerged friends! Framed wtf is a puzzle video game by guessing the movie name from the images to discover a new game.

I think I should remind you what puzzle is all about, don’t you think so?

A puzzle is a game, problem, or toy that tests an individual’s knowledge.

In a puzzle, the silver is expected to put pieces together in a logical way, to get the correct answer.

Puzzles can be a crossword, word searches, number puzzles, relational, or logical puzzles.

Framed wtf is a game where the player re-arrange panels of an animated comic book to change the outcome of the story; an experience that sees the player changing the order of narrative-based puzzles.

This awesome video game was developed by Australian Studio Loveshack.

Read this! Framed focuses on specific stills, or frames, from a constantly-changing selection of movies. Some of them begin with a reasonable bit of action, while others require careful analysis and a solid background in trivia.

A fresh still is unveiled after each incorrect guess, ideally providing you with enough additional details and context to correctly identify the movie.

You may need some assistance figuring out the solution to today’s Framed question since you have only six possibilities available. We’ve provided a few hints that will tease the name of the movie chosen as today’s puzzle to help you. Enjoy the reading.


How do you play Framed wtf:

How do you play Framed wtf


To play Framed, I’ll suggest you go to any browser of your choice. There is no need to download it because it’s a daily online game that works well only in the browser.


Steps on how to play Framed:

– Log in to from your browser.


How do you play Framed wtf

– After logging in, you need to take a view of the still for today.

– make a guess, you’ll see the reward screen if your guess is correct.

– if your guess is incorrect, you’ll be given the grace of five attempts, each showing a new still.

A tip for you my dear readers, most times when trying to solve the framed wtf puzzle of the day, it can be of great usefulness to know previous framed wtf answers.

I’m sure you’ll be happy to see answers from the last few days.  Let’s go!

A few days framed wtf answer:

* Pineapple Express

* Hereditary

* Pan’s Labyrinth

* A Fist Full of Dollars

* One-Hour Photo

* Schindler’s List

* The Exorcist

* Bladerunner 2049

* Back to the Future Part II

* Black Panther

* Shutter Island

* O’ Brother Where Art Thou?

* The Witch

* Django Unchained

* The Lighthouse

* Kong: Skull Island

* Joker

* Eyes Wide Shut

* Bird Box

* Isle of Dogs

* Midsommar

* Goodwill Hunting

* 10 Cloverfield Lane

* Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

* Moonlight

* Guardians of the Galaxy

* Requiem For a Dream

* Les Miserables

* No Country For Old Men

* 1917

* The Imitation Game

* Godzilla: King of the Monsters

* The Godfather Pt II

* Brokeback Mountain

* The Truman Show

* Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

* Inception

* 300

* Alien Resurrection

* District 9

* A Quiet Place

* Birdman


* Gone Girl

* BlacKkKlansman

* Jackie Brown

* The Princess Bride

* The Hunchback of Notre Dame

* Cool Hand Luke

* Ted

* 21 Jump Street

* The Sound Of Music

* Moneyball

* The Hunger Games

* Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

* Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

* Iron Man

* Men In Black

* Gravity

* The Mask

* Escape From Alcatraz

* Gladiator

* Hugo

* Ghostbusters

* Halloween 2

* Frankenstein

* The Hangover

* The Muppets

* Annie

* Bronson

* The Amazing Spider-Man

* A Nightmare On Elm Street

* Marriage Story

* The Thing

* Grease

* Frozen

* Amistad

* Saw

* Armageddon

* Memento

* Anaconda

* The Incredibles

* Fast Times At Richmond High

* Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery

* The World’s End

* Chariots Of Fire

* A Few Good Men

* Perriort Le Fou

* Zoolander

* The Tree Of Life

* Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

* Juno

* Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

* Dunkirk

* The Matrix

* School Of Rock

* Fantastic Mr. Fox

* Ad Astra

* American Hustle

* Tropic Thunder

* Casino Royale

* Caddyshack

* Dredd

* Fantasia

* Sicario

* RoboCop

* I Am Legend

* Deadpool

* Cool Runnings

* 2001: A Space Odyssey

* Monty Python’s Life Of Brian

* A Beautiful Mind

* Titanic

* Beverly Hills Cop

* Air Force One

* King Kong

* Rocky

* The Theory of Everything

* The Gentlemen

* Now You See Me

* The Notebook

* Dead Poets Society

* Captain Phillips

* Aladdin

* When Harry Met Sally

* The Mummy

* The Martian

* Hero

* The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

* La La Land

* Braveheart

*The Revenant

* Who Framed Roger Rabbit

* Slumdog Millionaire

* Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

* Mud

*The Lego Movie

* Gremlins

* The King’s Speech

*Mrs. Doubtfire

* Moulin Rouge!

* The Hurt Locker

* Galaxy Quest

* Armadeus

* Free Solo

* The Goonies

* Black Swan

* The Social Network

* Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby

* Sleepless In Seattle

* Thor: Ragnarok

* Arrival

* Jojo Rabbit

* Her

* The Big Short

* The Breakfast Club

* Sunset Boulevard

* Notting Hill

* We’re The Millers

* Rango

* Knives Out

* Catch Me If You Can

* The Shining

* 12 Years a Slave

* Fruitvale Station

* Monty Python and the Holy Grail

* The Dark Knight

* Whiplash

* Seven

* Baby Driver

* Into the Wild

* The Cabin In The Woods

* Color Out of Space

* The Grand Budapest Hotel

* Saving Private Ryan

* Zodiac

* Back to the Future

* Minari

* Uncut Gems

* Bad Boys II

* Interstellar.

Above are the lists of some answers for the past few days.


What is the movie guessing game called?


How do you play framed wtf


After answering the question “how do you play framed wtf”,  you need to know that in framed wtf, the movie guessing game is called Moviedle.

It’s an homage to Wordle that invites movies buffs to view a super-short clip and identify the correct movie title in six guesses or lesser attempts.

Framed wtf, Wordle, and Heardle are all logical video games that need guessing a movie.

Another logical video game in Soccer is the 4-2-3-1 formation.

This tactical formation is a logical and effective tip for managers that know how to work well with it to achieve success.

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