How do you get Titanium components in Cyber Hunter

Have you wondering on how do you get Titanium components in Cyber Hunter, in this post I am going to educate you on all that you need to know when playing this amazing game. Titanium alloys in the Cyber hunter video game are items you can purchase it earns to exchange with any other items of your choice while gaming.

How do you get Titanium components in Cyber Hunter

The component can be earned from events, by completing missions/ quests, opening chests, and so on.

Open-world battle royale game Cyber Hunter combines many gameplay genres, such as survival, shooting, and exploration.

In the Cyber Hunter universe, or cyber hunter zero,  players can climb any vertical surface and glide down from a great height.

Still talking about the Titanium components, it can be used to redeem most items that can only be bought by putting money into the game. It’s like the gift pack codes cyber hunter. Cyber Hunter game is similar to Apex legends.

How do you get Titanuim components in Cyber Hunter

How do you get C coins in the cyber hunter?

How do you get Titanuim components in Cyber Hunter

What’s letter C doing in Cyber hunter you may ask?

Now read this in a simple answer, to get anything from another player in the game, it costs a Cyber coin. The cyber coin is th C coin.

This is the real money you need to use to buy from other players. Let me tell you how to buy some free coins.

Step 1: Visit www. cyber hunter. the game site, click purchase on the site.

Step 2: Login into the game and go for your character. Hit the Alt button, and the in-game menu will open.

Step 3: Click shopping plaza

Step 4: Click the change button

Step 5: This will bring you to the page to start earning C coins.

Step 6: On another page, click the take offer tab and click through.

You can watch the video if you like else, click Accept, and then you have the free coins.

How do you buy credits on Cyber Hunter?

I’m sure you’re eager to read this. I’ll show you the step-by-step guides below:

(1) Select the credits denomination.

(2) Enter your cyber hunter user I.D, Nickname, and Game server. I will talk about how to change servers in cyber hunter in a subsequent post.

(3) Click out and select your payment method.

(4) Once payment is made, the cyber hunter credit you’ve purchased will be credited to your cyber hunter’s account on Pc.

How to find Cyber Hunter User I.D?

Let me tell you how to find cyber hunter User I.D

–  Enter the game and visit the Lobby

– Tab the avatar in the upper left corner and enter the “Basic Info” interface.

– You can find your user ID below your personal information picture.

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