Either Dead Or Alive Game Characters.

Dead or Alive is a Tripple-A 3D video game of high budget and high profile. Online fighting game with colorful casts and characters, created by Tomonobu Itagaki.

Are you wondering what Triple-A means in DOC? Not to worry, I’m here to tell you!

AAA in the video game industry is pronounced and sometimes written as Triple-A.

It’s an informal classification used to categorize games produced and distributed by a medium or major publisher, which has high development and marketing budget.

Examples of AAA games include all FIFA titles, Assassin’s creed, and Final Fantasy games. DOA is an online fighting game like Mortal Kombat.

Check out these lists of Characters:


Dead or alive game characters

She is a young beautiful Kunoichi lady who instead of taking up the responsibility to become the new master of the Mugan Tenshin clan, secretly left the village to find out the truth and discover who attacked and crippled her der brother, Hayate.

(2) Ryu Hayabusa:

Dead or alive game characters

He’s a very powerful Shinobi and the heir of the Hayabusa. Ryu accepts an invitation to the tournament to fulfill his thirst for a challenge when he learned that his best friend’s sister Kasumi had disappeared!

(3) ZACK:

Dead or alive game characters

Zack is a prosperous DJ whose sole purpose for entering the Dead or Alive tournament is to win the prize money.


Dead or alive game characters

Bayman is the man that witnessed the assassination of his parents when he was a child and was then trained by the Russian Army in Command Sambo to become a special agent.

Now working as a professional assassin. Batman enters the tournament to complete his new assignment, which is to eliminate the notorious leader of the DOATEC,  Fane Douglas.


Dead or alive game characters

You would agree with me after watching the Dead or alive video game that Lei Fang is an impulsive yet determined prodigy of Talkyoku Ken.

Lei Fang was challenged years ago by street fighters, she intended to fight them single-handedly but a boy wearing a dragon emblem came to save her. The boy thought she couldn’t handle things herself because of her feminine gender.

The incident made Lei determined that one day she find and defeat the same gang.

(6) GEN FU:

Dead or alive game characters

He’s an elderly gentleman who just appears to be a weak bookstore owner at first glance, a great master of Shini-Roku go-ken. Though no one knows why Gen Fu came out of retirement to enter the tournament, only his closest enemies suspect that it may have to do with the tragedy that surrounds his granddaughter, Mec Linn.

(7) Tina Armstrong:

Dead or alive game characters

Tina is a professional wrestler since her high school days, she worked her way up to become of the most feared lethal competitors in women’s pro wrestling.

Tina almost threads in the glove last year until her father, Bass Armstrong, stepped in and convinced her to take on the world.

Tina’s father thinks that she has entered the tournament for the glory of winning, her real motive is to be discovered by Hollywood!

(8) Jann Lee:

Dead or alive game characters

A young man that lost his parents at a tender age and then was left alone with little to fend for himself. The first thing he did was to throw himself into the study of Meet June to replace what he had lost when his parents died.

Jann Lee eventually fought for just the sake of fighting.

(9) Raidou:

Dead or alive game characters

Raidou is a Nukenin who also doubles as the paternal uncle of Kasumi. After leaving the clan, Raidou traveled around the world to steal moves and techniques from other fighters to grow stronger.

This may shock you, it was later discovered that Raidou was responsible for Hayate’s crippled condition!

Raidou, Bass Armstrong, and Ayane are all lockable Characters.

How to unlock characters in Dead or Alive 5 last-round core fighters?

You can now use a command to unlock costumes for characters except for Honoka and Raidou.

Story mode progress, movies, system voices, music, and OMG breast motion setting, all these features can be unlocked too.

What you need to do is you should go to options and type L1+R2+L2+R2 at th same time, and a sound will play to confirm that the unlock is successful.

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