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Call of duty mobile



Call of duty mobile is among the series of COD games,  is a first-person shooter video game authority,  it was published by Activation which started in 2003.

It initially focused on a game set in world war II.


Call of duty mobile


Over time, the series has seen games set amid the old war, futuristic worlds, and outer space.

The game creator Activision developed the mobile game in association with Tmi studios, a subsidiary of Tencent games.

Guess what?

Tencent games is a major Chinese multinational technology company based in Shenzhen China.

Learn more on COD Mobile at


Can I download the call of duty mobile?


In Call of Duty Mobile, you need to confront the whole team of rivals. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to assemble a squad and fight with real opponents from different parts of the world.

In the first-person shooter controls a warrior, namely to move it to different locations of the city and fight the enemies.

COD: Legends of War presents a huge number of different weapons, with which you can defeat opponents and pump your hero.

To take a prominent position in the ranking to destroy as many enemies and earn points. blunt weapon.


Step-by-step guide on how to download call of duty mobile. 

(1) Open the Google play store App.

(2) Click on the menu option in the top left

(3) Select my App & Games from the menu

(4) Then update tab will open

(5) Click on the update button next to the call of duty mobile.

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Can you play COD mobile on a PC?


The answer to your question if you can play call of duty mobile on PC is YES!

To play call of duty mobile on PC, you’ll need an Andriod emulator. We’ve chosen the best android emulator for you!

The official way to play COD mobile on your PC is through Gameloop. It goes by the name “Tencent gaming buddy”, an Andriod emulator created by Tencent itself.

Guide on how to download COD mobile on PC:

☀ You’ll need to install Gameloop on a PC by visiting the official website (

☀Then you’ll need to click the big yellow download button

☀ Follow the installation instructions and click finish when done.

☀ Open the Gameloop application. Search for call of duty mobile

☀ Now click download on the call of duty mobile page and press download.

☀ Pause a little while the game installs on your computer.

☀ Launch through Gameloop and. enjoy your game!

Furthermore, you can get more updates and news of COD at, also, from this awesome site

Is it safe to play call of duty mobile?


Whether you’ve played call of duty before or you’re new to the game, the premise is simple.

Is it safe to play call of duty or is it a no-go for parents currently looking to occupy their kids?

Activision says NO!

Activision made it clear on the Google play store, that it’s a 17+ rating for the game on the App store.

Here at, we say, that you should consider handling the game with your kids in real and strict terms.

According to ACTIVISION, a Call of duty is NOT suitable for kids.

Call of duty mobile download Apk+Obb.


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(I)  How can I be good at COD Mobile?
– Learn hiw to improve your aim by watching your gameplay videos.
– Fine-tune sensitivity settings to what works best for you.
– Practice in different game modes to learn the map controls points.
– Prepare equipment in pre-game according to your role.
(II) Is Call Of Duty harmful for mobile?
Answer: The markers of the game have given Call Of Duty mobile an official age rating of 16+.
(III)  What is the max level in Call of duty mobile?
Answer: The maximum rank in COD Mobile is 150 and it’s very hard to quickly reach that mark. Many players have asked about a new level system for the past few seasons.
(IV) What level do you have to be to play with your friends on COD mobile?
Answer: In Call Of Duty Mobile, the main mode you’ll play is multiplayer.
The multiplayer mode allows you to play against other players in short game modes that are pulled from the Call of duty franchise.
It will be available to play from the start, whereas Battle Royale will unlock when you hit level 7

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